NZAPP is about giving the non professional centre stage.

With Pole Dancing becoming main stream there are a lot of amazing dancers and performers out there, nervous of entering a profesional competition. This competition gives the amateurs a chance to show off their skills, win some amazing prizes and to show how much they have achieved from the wonderful sport.

NZAPP 2021 FINALS CANCELLED! Auckland Heat 5 February 2022.

The 2021 NZAPP Heats & The Final

Auckland NZAPP.jpg

2021 HEATS

5 February 2022


Hamilton NZAPP.jpg

2021 HEATS

Saturday 7 August

Wellington NZAPP.jpg

2021 HEATS

Sunday, 7 November

Chch NZAPP.jpg

2021 HEATS

Saturday 7 August



It is with our deepest sadness that we have made the tough decision to cancel the NZAPP Finals 2021.

This latest New Zealand lockdown has made it extremely difficult for us to find a venue on a suitable date and at the right time in this last portion of 2021. We also wanted to avoid putting any time constraints or adding to the difficulties for our two remaining NZAPP heats while they organise their new dates. Alongside this we didn't want to leave our competitors and ticket-holders waiting in limbo for too long, so we've decided to make the call and cancel the finals event.

There is also only so long we can push out dates without interfering with other NZ events, the relaxation period of Christmas, NZAPP 2022.....

We will have a think about how we can celebrate our finalists in a different way, as they so deserve to be celebrated. And in the meantime we will focus on getting the two remaining heats run!

Refunds for tickets will be issued by iTicket, they will be emailing out your options straight to ticket holders.

Thank you for your continued support! Keep an eye out for announcements and some exciting events that can still run around the new Pole Legends weekend date, 26th November!