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Our Main Sponsor

NZAPP is proud to be sponsored by Pole Gear NZ!

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Pole Gear NZ

Pole Gear NZ is so much more than just a pole, aerial and fitness gear store. It is a place of expression and creativity. PGNZ is a continuous supporter of the Pole and Aerial industry with a main goal of helping to grow an industry that gives dancers and performers a platform of opportunities to grow.

PGNZ stocks quality world class brands with everything from active and dance wear to grip products, knee pads, cosmetic glitter and shoes. With new arrivals weekly, PGNZ the place to go for all your pole and aerial needs whilst still giving each and every customer a personalised service to meet their needs.

So from tops and bottoms to grip and leg warmers to a full stage costume with shoes and all, check us out!

NZAPP's main sponsor is Pole Gear NZ. If you would like to be a sponsor you can get in touch with individual heats to organise sponsorship.

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