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NZAPP Categories

When entering NZAPP please consider your entry category carefully. Entrants are expected to be honest about their own ability and enter the appropriate category. 

Judging Criteria

The NZAPP judging criteria will score more for creativity, entertainment and musicality over big tricks. Take a look at the judging criteria here.

If you are unsure of what to enter please email us and we'll help you out.



Someone who can not yet invert and is only comfortable at the level of spins and transitions. They should be at the level of only just being able to climb to the top of a pole and not yet able to invert.

Beginner level is all about having a blast. On stage, having fun and taking your moment to shine!

Judges will take into account the whole routine composition; costume, theme, musicality, entertainment, crowd interaction and fun factor.

Time limit: Between 2.30mins – 3mins. 


Students who can invert and do the basics of inverting such as leg hangs and thigh holds. They may be able to do moves such as Butterfly or basic Shoulder Mount but this would be the max of their level. 

At this level, we want to see some tricks, but not all tricks! Think about how well you do things, not necessarily how much you do. We still want to see things like smooth transitions, original movements, themes, fun and entertainment.

Time limit: Between 3mins – 3.30mins 



Anything Goes! 

If you are able to confidently link inverted moves together and can do moves at the level of Ayesha, handsprings, Jade, aerial inverts, this level is for you.

Feel free to put in all your favourite tricks now, but remember that judges and audiences still like to see things done well! Theme is still important, as is control of movement and originality of movement. Get your dance on and bring that energy!

Time limit: Between 3.30mins - 4mins


See our guidelines for whether you need to be in this category.

While there are no limits on what skills you can put into this category, this level is more about theme and musicality than tricks. We want to see a great quality of movement, a bit more confidence and really owning that stage. Entertain that crowd and show us what you got!

This is your chance to show off what you can do and how well you can do it. 

Time limit: Between 3.30mins - 4mins

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