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2024 Guidelines Update

Introducing from this year onwards, additional guidelines for NZAPP.

By popular demand we're introducing 2nd and 3rd placements for NZAPP! This was decided because we want to celebrate our ah-mazing performers more!


The only requirement we have is there being at least 6 people in a single category - if there are less than 6 people in a single category (eg 'Intermediate') there will only be a 1st place winner.

Removing the 'People's Choice' category

Over the years we have received a lot of mixed feedback on the People's Choice category. We have listened, discussed internally and decided we're going to be removing the People's Choice category from NZAPP, starting with 2021.


We are excited to announce, however, a replacement for this placement!

Each year there has been a single judges Wild Card winner for each Heat. With so many AMAZING performers we have decided to expand on the Wild Card to allow for extra competitors to make it to the finals!

From now on the judges will have TWO wild cards to hand out. One for our Beginner/Intermediate competitors and one for our Expert/Open competitors.

That means instead of 4 Wild Card winners at the NZAPP Finals, there will be 8!

Pole Inferno

NZAPP's rules state any competitor who has entered (but not won first place) at a professional level competition must enter the Open category at NZAPP.


If a competitor wins first place at one of these competitions they will become ineligible to compete at NZAPP.

NZAPP would like to officially recognize that Pole Inferno NZ is a professional level competition in their TWO general 'Pole Dance' categories. 

The 2021 categories were...

⭐ Weird & Wonderful

⭐ At The Movies


What does that mean for Pole Inferno Competitors for 2021?

⭐ If you competed in (but did not win) either Weird & Wonderful or At The Movies you must compete in our OPEN category from now on.

⭐ If you won either of these categories you cannot enter NZAPP anymore. (Winners should think about entering Pole Legends NZ instead!)

Moving forward all future NZAPP competitions will consider Pole Inferno's 2 main pole categories 'Professional Level'

⭐ If you compete in either category at Pole Inferno you must compete in Open at NZAPP for all future years

⭐ If you WIN one of these categories at Pole Inferno you cannot enter NZAPP anymore

NOTE on the Over 35s and Floor & Basework categories as we have not included these in our rule:

These two categories, we feel, don't fall into the 'Professional Pole Competition'. This announcement does not apply. Those who have competed (or compete) in either the Over 35s OR Floor & Basework are able to stay in their appropriate categories according to the NZAPP Rules & Regulations.

We have made this decision for the Over 35s because the competitors aren't chosen from an open pool.

We have made this decision for the Floor & Basework category because it's focus is not pole dancing.

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