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Carlie Hunter is the owner and head Instructor at The Pole Boutique in Adelaide, Australia. She has been Instructing pole dance classes for over 12 years and in 2016 was named the #1 Most Influential Pole Dancer in Australia by the Australian Pole Dance Magazine. She is an award winning choreographer, snapping up 2 International Pole Fitness Association Choreographer of the Year awards and she is known for her ability to perform, teach and choreograph a wide range of dance styles. She has been successful on the competition circuit winning Miss Pole Dance Australia in both singles and doubles and dual Australian Pole Championship titles and she is highly dedicated to helping her students chase their own goals and dreams. She is involved in all aspects of the industry as a judge, instructor, performer, business owner and event organizer and is an ambassador for leading pole dance brands Bad Kitty, Dry Hands Australia and Bling it Heels.

To secure your space email in to with what workshops you'd like to be booked in to. Your space will be confirmed once payment is received. There are no refunds unless someone on the wait list can take your space. All workshops are 90 minutes long.


One workshop: $60

Three workshops: $150

Payments can be made to:

Nz Pole Ventures Ltd

12 3149 0325739 00

(Use your name as reference)


Saturday June 10th, 11am - 12.30pm

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are creating seamless movement around the pole?This workshop is all about getting in touch with your pole flow. We will create a series of small combinations and have you focused on adding a dance quality to your pole movement. Extend lines, create new shapes, pimp your climbs and take your combinations to that next level of movement quality. A perfect workshop for learning new pole movements and making them into dance.
Duration: 90 minutes
Must have completed a beginner pole course



Sunday June 11th, 10am - 11.30am

This workshop is all about that elbow! Learn different spins, poses and transitions with an emphasis on the elbow joint. The elbow can be a strong and interesting contact point creating a stable base for interesting tricks and shapes! This workshop is perfect for students who love that elbow burn. Make your elbow your master.

Pre- requisites: Must be comfortable and safe with inverts, shoulder mounts and both leg hangs.


Sunday June 11th, 11.30am - 1pm

Learn Carlie’s Signature Tricks. You’ll learn her newest tricks and spins straight from performances, competitions and Instagram! We will even chuck in some old favourites too. Filled with a bunch of Carlie’s own combo’s and creations you will have the opportunity to learn the tricks and techniques straight from the creator. This is a predominately a spin pole workshop but we may sneak in some static tricks too. Feel free to request tricks!

Pre- requisites: Must be comfortable and safe with inverts, shoulder mounts and both leg hangs.


Sunday June 11th, 1.30pm - 3pm

An award winning choreographer, Carlie loves to create new choreography to a bunch of different styles. This workshop is purely about the dance. Learn a routine in true Carlie style. We will focus on movement quality, musicality and performance. You will have a chance to film yourselves at the end and we will finish off with some cool tips for freestyle and making up your own choreography.

Pre- requisites: All levels. Best is students have completed a full term of Beginner.

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